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Inspirational Wellness Academy was created to meet your growing spiritual needs. Our meetup includes Continuing Education Credit (CE Hours) for Massage and Body Work, Reiki, Karuna Ki, Tibetan Palm, Seichem and Magnified Healing, Guided Meditation, Tibetan Singing Bowls, Refresher Classes and Workshops. Topics discussed will be from a universal perspective with love and respect to all. Some examples are self-empowerment, transformation, meditation, intuitive awareness and development, creating balance; peace, sound; color healing, Reiki, inner child work, stones; minerals, spirit guide and angelic connections, etc.... We look forward to seeing you at an upcoming meetup soon!

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Inspirational Wellness Academy - Mindful Moments

Limit of 6 people
*Feel free to bring any special items such as photos, stones, crystals, jewelry, flowers, etc to place on the Reiki altar to later take home charged with Reiki loving and healing energy.
$20 -per Person
$10-15 yrs and under
Payment is required in advance to reserve your seat.
Payments can be sent through Zelle to [masked], there are other forms of payment available. Contact Marci for more info.
Mask is Required!

*Marci Tennenhouse at[masked]
Location: Mindful Moments in Royal Palm Beach, FL
Life Coach/Educator
Reiki Master/Teacher
Karuna Master/Teacher
Lightarian™ Reiki Master/Teacher
Access Bars™
Magnified Healing
Mindful Facilitator

*More About Reiki:
Reiki is a Japanese word, meaning Universal Life Force Energy. It is a vibrational "hands-on" healing treatment that allows the practitioner to channel the energy to the client, allowing ones body and mind to fully relax. While the client is in this state of deep peace, tension and negative emotions can be released and the body will begin to regain its natural state of balance, thereby increasing its own natural healing abilities at all levels ~ physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.
These sessions are intended only as personal improvement. It is recommended that clients continue to see their regular medical physician and follow their advice and my spiritual energy work is only a complement and not a substitution to regular medicine. Please Note: If you have a physical disease, condition, or psychological issue, please work with the appropriate licensed professionals.

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Inspirational Wellness Academy - Mindful Moments

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