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AIOUG is a non profit organization started by like minded users who think such a community is required in India where the amount of Oracle user base is humongous. The idea of this group is to share what the Oracle users have learned from using Oracle technology over the years with fellow users who have similar interest. AIOUG provides Oracle technology and database professionals the opportunity to enhance their productivity and influence the quality, usability, and support of Oracle technology. The AIOUG is composed of Oracle professionals committed to helping fellow IT professionals develop solutions to their business challenges.

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Diagnosing Oracle RAC Performance Issues

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Session Title: Diagnosing Oracle RAC Performance Issues Session Abstract: This session will cover Oracle RAC performance wait events and walk attendees through the steps to diagnose Oracle RAC performance problems. We will cover real-life performance case studies, including solutions that helped. We will also provide recommendations for best practices and new features that help to resolve some of these performance issues automatically. Speakers Bio: Anil Nair (Sr Principal Product Manager (RAC), Oracle USA) Anil Nair is the Product Manager for Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC). Oracle RAC is a cluster database with a shared cache architecture that overcomes the limitations of traditional shared-nothing and shared-disk approaches to provide highly scalable and available database solutions for all your business applications. Anil has been involved with Oracle RAC since inception. He has helped various customers with Oracle solutions specifically around Performance, availability, Scalability aspects for about 20 years. Registration Link: https://bit.ly/2Irfj4F If you are AIOUG Member – Click Register Button If you are a Non-AIOUG Member – Please sign up for “Starter (FREE) Membership* and Register Thanks, Team AIOUG

Augmented Analytics with OAC

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Session Title: Augmented Analytics with OAC Session Abstract: This session will introduce Oracle Analytics Portfolio to the audience. The focus will be to understand the Augmented Analytics features and how they help business users to go about their data discovery and exploration process. You will see how to get started with any “data-set” that you need to analyze. Oracle Analytics gives you intelligent insights to any data that you bring in. It helps you create visuals with Natural Language Query, no need to learn any query language. See how the entire process of curating data is made easy for business users, helping them make the data set relevant before they start their data visualization journey. Connect to any data anywhere. This session will prepare you to get started with ML features embedded in Oracle Analytics Cloud, which will be covered in later sessions. You have labs to take away, get hands-on experience. Introduction to Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC) – 15 minutes -Introduction to Analytics solution family (OAC/OAS/FAW) -OAC editions -OAC self-service -OAC enterprise analytics (semantic model) Augmented Analytics with OAC – (50 minutes) -Intelligent insights – Data Discovery -NLQ based visuals -Automated Data preparation -Mobile Analytics (Day by Day) Access and Prepare “Any Data” for Analytics– (15 minutes) -Data connectors -Data Flow Takeaway Hands-On-Labs (10 minutes) Q&A Speaker BIO: Lucian Dinescu(Senior Principal Product Manager, Oracle) Lucian is a Senior Principal Product Manager in Product Strategy, on the Oracle Analytics team, based in EMEA. He has been working with Oracle BI since 2001, starting his Analytics journey with an Oracle partner, moving to an Oracle customer, and finally completing his circle with the Oracle Analytics Product team Registration Link: https://bit.ly/30WcqPV If you are AIOUG Member – Click Register Button If you are a Non-AIOUG Member – Please sign up for “Starter (FREE) Membership* and Register Thanks, Team AIOUG

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Connection Pool Sizing Concepts

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