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All Play in Plymouth, MI at 42865 Five Mile. Contact us at 734-228-5946, or allplaygaminghome@gmail.com. Come out and play some games. AllPlayGaming.com and on Facebook and Instagram: AllPlayGaming

We are a Retail/Hobby Store that sells boardgames, card games, and miniature games. We also provide a place to play them. We also hold weekly events.

Upcoming events (5+)

Magic the Gathering - Fridays at 6:00

All Play

Magic the Gathering every Friday. Standard, Modern, Drafts, League, or Commander. We always have boosters, singles, and supplies in stock.

Star Wars Armada and Legion Night

Needs a location

This is what we call Star Wars Night. Bring your Armada Fleet or your Legion Faction. It is casual play with a great group of people. Its a great place to learn to play as well!

Board Game Night at All Play - Tuesdays at 6:00

Board Game Night at All Play in Plymouth, MI at 42865 Five Mile. Come out and play some games. Buy a game to play, bring some favorites from your collection, or try a game from the All Play collection. No purchase required to play. Tuesday nights any time after 6:00 pm. From Uno to Caverna, any game is welcome.

Star Wars Destiny - Thursdays at 6:30 (Rounds start at 7:00)

Star Wars Destiny Night at All Play in Plymouth, MI at 42865 Five Mile. Open gaming always, and we run OP kits: - Thursday Nights, Round 1 starts at 7:00 pm. - Registration starts at 6:30 pm. - $5 Entry Fee. - Top 1-4 will win tokens, or premium alternate art card. - Prize packs based on attendance, but usually pack per win. - All will receive 1 pack minimum and alternate art card. - Constructed 30 points (rotate between Standard and Trilogy) - 35 minute swiss rounds, no playoff. - Number of rounds based on attendance, usually 3-4.

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