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Welcome to All Riders... this group has been appropriated because the organizer stepped down. It is now called All Riders "Induction", because we'd love for this to be the vessel by which you can all join the All Riders: IMC group.

Eventually this group will be shut down (Meetup only allows an organizer to run three groups) to make room for any other motorcycle groups who's organizers step down. I am re-branding and trying to get this group commuted over to All Riders because it makes it much easier to run when everything is in one place. If you Identify as a member of the former Meetup group, please consider that All Riders welcomes you as such, and we just hope that you come out and ride with us.

So, please take a minute to click the link below and join All Riders: IMC.

In other words, we don’t expect you to leave your group of friends and become one of us if you don’t want to... we simply welcome you into our fold as you are.

All Riders: IMC is an international motorcyclist community.

All Riders was created for motorcyclists of all forms and their bikes of any kind. Whether you ride a chopper, a sport bike, a dirt bike, or a touring bike, you are welcome here. The All Riders community was designed to share stories, information, arrange group rides and charity events, and for anything involved with our shared love of the motorcycle.

The mission of All Riders: IMC is to bring the motorcycling community at large together in any and all ways possible. It is to make our lifestyle/sport/hobby more fun, more fulfilling, safer, and more ubiquitous for everyone who wishes to do it. We also value giving back to the community, and this is where charitable functions and rides come into play.

Anyone who identifies with any other groups are welcome with All Riders save those who identify with groups that discriminate based on color, class, creed, or sex.

Our Motto: All Colors. All Creeds. All Classes.

Check out the All Riders Code of Conduct here:

ALso, we have created a membership card program called the ARMD network... All Riders Motorcyclist's Discount Network. Members will be able to get members only discount pricing at a variety of reputable business motorcycle related or not. All Riders ARMD Members will have access to discounts provided exclusively to members by our ARMD network vendors.

You can learn more about the ARMD Network and purchase a membership here:

You don't have to be an ARMD member to be an All Rider or participate in rides, bike nights, or any other All Riders events.

Please join our FaceBook group below... currently over 1300 members and growing daily.

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