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Revived for 2019: This is an all-developer group dedicated to sharing, evangelising and promoting the next big wave in technology: REST, Cloud Integrations, GraphQL, Mashups & SaaS.

We focus on issues with APIs such as security, management, integration, scalability & monetisation. Also we discuss how these technologies impact both startup & enterprise business units. Each Meetup will have time set aside for lightning talks, perfect for a 5 minute demo of your latest project / weekend-hack.
For more information, checkout the offical website: https://ThatAPIMeetup.com (https://thatapimeetup.com/)

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All things Streaming APIs: Uli Hitzel && Phil Scanlon - Making APIs real-time.

First revival event of 2019 and one you won't want to miss. We have 2 amazing speakers flying in - Uli Hitzel from Axway, and Phil Scanlon from Solace. Both are phenomenal domain experts in all things Streaming APIs. If you've ever wanted to make your REST API real-time, this is the night for you. Axway have fabulously offered to host our first revival meetup at their North Sydney Office. There's limited space so plan your diary now. There is space for a couple of 5 minute lightning talks, so if you have an interesting project, or weekend hack you'd like to demo please get in-touch & reserve your slot. ----------------- Talk 1: (20 mins) Uli Hitzel : Event-Driven APIs: Building Real-Time Interfaces APIs help abstract complexity and allow easy access to data – building innovative apps has never been easier. However, once your user base reaches a critical mass, this can quickly cause performance issues and a miserable user experience. In this session we’ll introduce a concept that is similar to push notifications on your smartphone, we’ll talk about use cases and show you how easy it to turn existing REST API endpoints into event-driven APIs that save you bandwidth, management cost and, ultimately, allow you to build engaging real-time user interfaces that delight your customers. ---------- Talk 2: (20 mins): Phil Scanlon. Title: TBD Phil Scanlon is Solace’s VP of Sales Engineering, heading up Sales Engineering team in APJ. He joined Solace in 2016. Based in Singapore he is responsible for the development and management of the APAC organisation, aligning Solace technology and solutions with customer requirements. Both are presenting at API Days Melbourne, so if you or your company need some advice or a tech solution, catch them there if you miss them here. ---------- Lightning talks: Slot 1: (5 mins) : Serverless Websockets Demo Slot 2: (5 mins) : Empty - Apply today!

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