What we're about

Do all things doable in the NW. What are you passionate about? What do you enjoy doing? Want to get into something new? Meet new people? You're welcome to create your events in this group. As a member of All Things NW, you are encouraged to schedule meetup events that you enjoy on a schedule that works for you. Message me and I will switch you on as "Event Organizer" so you'll have access to the site's dashboard that allows you to schedule meetup events. Meetup events posted here must meet group event rules.

Group Event Rules:

1. Safety First: Observe reasonable safety precautions. That means no firearms or any other weapons-related events in non-commercial venue (e.g., shooting in the mountains, etc.).

2. All Inclusive Events: This means meetup events are open and welcome everyone in this group, without restrictions to age, gender, marital/relationship status, race, religion, etc.

3. No Charge Rule: Event organizers may not charge money for themselves or businesses they own. Members can be expected to pay cover charge and consumables sold at the meetup venues visited.

4. No Repeating Events: Please don't post repeating events without an end date. You may post an event series (e.g., 8-week class) that has an end date. Let us not clutter our calendar with events that go on and on forever!

5. No "Self-Hosted Events": If you know of an event that you're not going to, please keep it to yourself. Don't post “No Host” events.

6. No Jerks: Jerks will be removed from the group! If in doubt, lookup the definition of a jerk person.

7. TBD ( Reserved for additional rules as they become necessary).

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