ATO 2019 Preview: Virtual Reality, Nithya Ruff, Helm Charts and so much more!

4205 S Miami Blvd

4205 S Miami Blvd · Durham, NC

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This is the IBM Software Development Center, IBM Building 500, Room G-104

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Every year we use our biggest meetup to preview All Things Open, and this is it! We'll preview the 2019 conference, give away some (new) amazing swag and free passes to the event, and we'll feature several amazing speakers.

We couldn't be more excited also to introduce Nithya Ruff to the RTP open source community! Nithya heads up the Open Source Programs Office at Comcast and just relocated from CA. She'll be speaker #1 in the lineup.

Speaker #1: Nithya Ruff, Head of the Open Source Programs Office, Comcast

Talk title: Getting Past Diversity to Inclusion
Most companies and communities stop when they recruit diverse people. But many of these people leave soon after as their voices are not heard. When I look back on my own 30 year career as a tech-women, I did my best work when I was valued and included by my manager and organization. As organizations look to innovate faster, cheaper and better, how they recruit, prepare and equip leaders to be inclusive leaders creates the difference. I will cover what an inclusive leader does and what works to recruit, retain and develop a diverse team.

Speaker #2: Don Shin, President & CEO, CrossComm, Inc

Talk title: Intro to VR/AR Development
Virtual and Augmented Reality are frontiers for human-computer interaction that offer the promise of truly spatial computing and more immersive experiences. And while these technologies have existed in some form for decades, sophisticated VR/AR experiences can now run on readily available hardware- making them widely accessible for both the consumer as well as enterprise.

New forms of interaction call for the development of new apps and experiences; this talk will introduce developers to VR/AR and provide enough of an overview for aspiring VR/AR developers to take their first steps into the world of spatial computing.

Attendees of this talk will:

• Understand the differences between VR and AR and how they coexist on the XR spectrum.
• Get a primer on some of the most effective use cases of VR/AR today
• Receive an overview of the available tools, development environments, and technical approaches for building VR/AR experiences
• Learn about the available form factors and platforms for VR/AR development from the mobile phone to the headset- and how that impacts development considerations
• Get key design principles that should be taken into account when crafting experiences for VR
• Have a brief opportunity to experience collaborative VR firsthand after the talk has concluded

Speaker #3: Shikha Srivastava, Senior Technical Staff Member (STSM) & a Master Inventor at IBM

Talk title: More Helm Charts, More Problems. Lets talk bringing sanity

Talk abstract:
Now that you have an application running in Kubernetes, what will your next steps be? Can you deploy this application to any cloud? If someone else wishes to install your Helm chart would you have all necessary resources to deploy it successfully? Do you have a certification process to ensure your Helm chart is enterprise ready? Creating a Helm chart to deploy your application is just the first step, but now you need a process to ensure that the Helm chart follows guidelines established by your enterprise and future versions of the chart are created efficiently as part of your CI/CD pipeline. In this presentation, you will learn about effective ways to create, organize and maintain enterprise grade Helm charts. We will also discuss how our CI/CD pipeline is implemented using custom linter, verification test cases to make sure only certified charts are promoted into production.

Food and beverages will be served, as always, and networking opportunities will be plentiful. Arrive prepared to learn something new and meet new people. The opportunity really is a good one.

Meeting address:
IBM Software Development Center
IBM Building 500, Room G[masked] S Miami Blvd Durham, NC 27703

Contact us directly with questions at [masked].