What we're about

We are looking to bring together designers, engineers, product managers, and anyone else building software in Fort Collins & Loveland.

There is a talented group of makers in Northern Colorado, but they can rarely be found in one place. We want to change that. Whether informal get-togethers over a beer or lively debates over the best ways to build software, we want to strengthen the community of people building products.

The group will be an experiment to start with, and we will iterate as we go but some ideas around topics and formats could include:
>>> Presentations on how to incorporate User Research in the product development life cycle.
>>> Hands-on workshops for running a Design Sprint.
>>> Discussing the differences between building software at a large or small company over a drink.
>>> A panel of Product Managers debating why the way they do roadmapping is the best.

Touching on all things involved with building software will be a challenge, but, hopefully, the breadth of the topic will bring cross-functional people together. And, hopefully, we all build better products because of it.

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Using Design Systems, Style Guides, Component Libraries, or [Insert Buzzword]

We all want to build software faster and craft consistent experiences for our users. Whatever you call it (a design system, style guide, pattern or component library), they might be able to help. What are design systems? Are there differences between design systems, style guides, and pattern libraries? Are they worth it? Is your team bought into it? How do you start creating one? And maybe more importantly, how do you maintain one? Let's talk about it! Grab a drink, and we'll have a casual round table discussion where everyone can share their insights and experiences. Bring any questions you might have!

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Round Table Discussion: Incorporating User Feedback

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