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Have you been looking for a group that allows you to get together with other parents, but you can seem to only find ones that get together during the day while you're at work? Or you have a crazy, chaotic schedule that just doesn't seem to jive with others?
Do you feel like you're constantly riding the Hot Mess Express as you navigate through life? Do you feel like you don't know if you're coming or going half the time?? Do you want to get together and hang out with others who don't make you feel like you're not doing it right or you don't have it all together? If so, this group is TOTALLY for you!! All about the crazy train! Let's have some fun together and enjoy our ride on the Hot Mess Express!!!
Let's get ourselves and our kids together when the rest of mom groups are already putting their kids to bed or whenever the mood arises! Playgrounds, bounce house places, trampoline parks, zoos, or whatever suits your fancy!! Want to get together without the kids? That works, too! It's time to build a community for those of us who don't fit the "stay at home" meetup times! And if you're one of those "stay at home" types that just wants to meet more people, this is open to you, too!! The Hot Mess Express is all-inclusive!

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1st Annual JDA Promise 5k RUN/Walk

Jerome Dunn Academy

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