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***I've gotten so many amazing requests to join this group. I am capped at 50 members while I'm trialing the tier version of Meetup (did ya know it costs money to run a Meetup group?). However, please feel free to send me a message if you see an event you'd like to join. I'll open up to the next tier once I gain enough interest and event attendance!***

Hello! I'm new to Portland and hoping to build a community with this new little crew. This is a group for those between 25-45 looking to who may often be thinking, "Is there anything going on tonight? I don't feel like being a hermit tonight after all!" Or,"Uhh... I thought I wanted to go out of town this weekend, but I decided not to. Who else is doing something fun in Portland that I can tag along with?"

Events will range from weekend hikes/kayaking to evening runs, beer or wine nights, comedy club evenings, volunteering efforts, or maybe we just all want to go grab coffee or get lunch on a weekend. Those $5 museum nights? First Thursday? Night Market? Sure, let's do it. Have ideas? Suggest them!

Let's do All the Things!

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A Trivia Night Thing

No Fun Bar

A Trivia Night Thing (New!)

No Fun Bar

An Ice Skating thing!

Lloyd Center Ice Rink

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