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NEW MEMBER PAU HANA WINE DOWN (& other booze) BYOB Grillin Potluck Pool Party!!!

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Aloha & Welcome to our monthly NEW MEMBER PAU HANA WINE DOWN (& other booze) BYOB Grillin Potluck Pool Party!!!There will be Swimming, Games, Food,& Fun! We plan to eat, drink, talk, laugh and most importantly enjoy each other's company!

Please bring some food and/or drinks that you would like to share. You may also bring a game you would like to play (board games, cards, whatever). I'm bringing Jenga! If you want to swim, please bring a swimsuit & your own towel.

We'll meet at the pool area 1 block away from Don Quijote for a Grillin potluck from 5 pm to 10:45 pm. There is a swimming pool, propane gas grill, full kitchen, bathrooms, & 9 FREE guest parking stalls in the building. DO NOT PARK IN THE GUEST STALL MARKED 15 MINUTE LOADING ZONE! Your car may be towed!!! Street parking is free on Saturday after 6 pm but please check the signs. TRUST BUT VERIFY!

Please access the pool area thru the double doors on Kanunu Street on the Ewa side of the building closest to Amana Street. Do NOT go to the main entrance. I will NOT be there.

I will have paper plates, cups, napkins, and coolers of ice paid for by your $20 annual dues. When you RSVP, please also tell us what food and/or drink you will be bringing. All members & guests are welcome to attend but from a higher power and in an effort to promote fairness, ALL NON-ATO members are requested to pay $2 to share the cost of supplies. Alternatively, you may join ATO & pay $20 annual dues.

Mahalo, john f.


The nitty-gritty: Due to building rules, we MUST be cleaned up and out by 11 pm so this event finishes at 10:30 PM. If you are still around and see me start to put away chairs at 10:30 PM, please help me clean up. Also, if you have not paid your $20 annual dues, you can pay today. The annual dues pay for paper products used at potlucks, birthday cake, and supplies at ATO events. Mahalo!!!

The question I am most often asked is, " What should I bring?" My answer is to bring something that you are happy or proud to share. I almost always bring 5 to 10 pounds of chicken and a bottle of whiskey or vodka. Some people bring a case of their favorite beer. Some select few actually prepare their own favorite dish. You are not required to spend a lot of money. We just don't want many, many bags of chips so that is why I ask people to please tell us what food and/or drink you will be bringing when you RSVP.

The meaning of BYOB: BYOB is short for Bring Your OWN Beverage / Booze. I am happy to share because I certainly do not come close to finishing my bottle of whiskey but pretty-please do not come without your favorite beverage expecting to drink other people's drinks. If you have a specific need for beer, diet soda, or even bottled water, please bring it. Thank you very much for your patience and understanding on this one.

Please do not call me for directions, address, bus schedule, dress code, etc. Please call the event location or use the internet. As a last resort, you may text me at 808-386-2972. Please understand that event organizers are volunteers. I am not responsible for the weather, any unforseen changes, charges or fees, or if anything happens to you or your property during events. Please do not leave valuables in your car, eat & drink at your own risk, chew your food well before you swallow, watch where you step, hold the handrails, look both ways before you cross the street, etc. Thank you for your understanding.

mahalo & aloha, john f