All You Can Cook | Sourdough Bread Workshop V3


Strengthen your gut and improve your digestive system by learning this ancient recipe! Don't miss this opportunity to learn how to make bread without the anti-nutrients that make every kind of bread difficult to digest.
This traditional recipe for bread baking is actually the original one as only within the last 150 years bakers started to change it and use yeast as part of the bread baking process.
Guest Chef Petr from the Czech Republic, will teach you how to make a sourdough bread using only flour, water and salt.
Early bird tickets ending at May 23rd!
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1. Ice breaker - mix flour with water, to hydrate it properly.

2. Introduction to the workshop

2-1. What is sourdough?

2-2. Why is it good for us

2-3. How to make a sourdough starter from scratch

2-4. How to take care of your sourdough starter

2-5. How to bake bread with it (feeding before baking, three-phase feeding)

3. Let’s bake one bread

4. Let’s make our bread dough!

5. Let’s eat sourdough with some toppings and talk

5-1. Baba Ghanoush The Best Baba Ganoush Recipe | Serious Eats

5-2. Roasted carrot dip Roasted Carrot Dip | Every Last Bite

5-3. Butter, chopped spring onion

5-4. Lard, finely cut red onion

6. Bread should be baked

7. Finishing up


Petr comes from Czechia and is continuously balancing his passions for creative endeavors (currently at and food. He wishes his food nourishes the body well and makes the spirit happy too. Stay connected viaFacebook or Instagram with him.


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