Agora Space Hearty Thanksgiving Dinner


When the days start getting shorter and the weather starts getting colder. We gather around the dinner table to give thanks for all the good things in life.
And nothing’s better in life than a comforting meal shared with wonderful people.
Bring your favorite dish and join us on Thursday, Nov. 28th at Agora Space for a very special Thanksgiving dinner. RSVP-

Roasted turkey and chicken
smashed potatoes, gravy, baked vegetables

Foodies get together, cook, eat and chill.
Bring your friends and families, enjoy traditional recipes from around the world and authentic tasting experience.
We will host workshops almost every month, join fellow friends and cooking lovers.Meetup-

An underground (in all senses) film club located at Agora Space, Shanghai. We screen great movies from different times and countries. Join our Wechat group to explore all our various get-togethers and meet fellow like-minded film lovers!

A Shanghai-based farming service management group. Farmonize seeks to resolve serious food safety concerns linked to food consummation. We believe that the key to providing safe products for consumers and stable income for farmers is to throw away the old model of farmers, wholesalers, markets and consumers buying and selling produce, as this system incentivizes the use of dangerous chemicals, pesticides and herbicides. Farmonize connects directly local farmers who perform sustainable growing methods with urban consumers who want the peace of mind that comes with safe and chemical-free food.

UR Bridge
(Urban-Rural Bridge 城乡桥) envisions a healthy, joyful life for everyone, fostered by a balanced economy. To make this vision become reality UR Bridge is pursuing our mission of bridging the urban and rural gaps. We do this by cultivating and nourishing the existing natural and human resources.

Bring Your Favorite Dish - 88RMB
Just Join For Fun(no need to bring any food) - 200RMB

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