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Chakra Crystal Bowl Meditation with John Eustor 7:30 pm Cost: $10 CRYSTAL BOWL MEDITATION with John Eustor THE CRYSTAL CHAKRA BOWL MEDITATION opens and energizes each Chakra for proper balancing, healing, clearing, and to promote optimum health and emotional well-being. Each bowl is played for 3 minutes starting from the Root Chakra, working the way up through each to the Crown Chakra, then to the Zeal Point, and back down. This is an extremely powerful and healing Meditation which works on all levels – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. ----------------- JOHN EUSTOR is a musician with over 30 years of experience and for the past seven years has been involved with tribal and shamanic drumming, dance, sound, light and vibrational healing.

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We are a group of like minded individuals who want to share our love, kindness and compassion with others! We all have many different paths, many different experiences, but we are all one! We come together to share our hearts, our gifts and talents to increase the love in the universe. Gratitude and love is our foundation! PLEASE MAKE SURE TO CHECK ALL VENUES OF EVENTS!

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