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We will be discussing projects organized by participants and volunteers of AllatRa International Public Movement. Just to name a few:

The Universal Grain. The main task is to analyze the modern specifics of spiritual development, the degree of awareness in the understanding of the main elements of the value context of the religious worldview in the world community.

ALLATRA TV is an international, nationwide Internet TV with interesting up-to-date videos on different topics: psychology, science, good news, informational analytical programmes, interviews with famous people, kind humor, educational animated videos, family programmes and many other sincere and positive programmes which multiply humaneness, kindness, and unity in society.

The Pyramid Experiment. An international open experiment was conducted in which anyone can personally participate, regardless of time and distance, in order to have an unbiased perception of work at a distance as both an Operator in the «PYRAMID» apparatus and the work of the apparatus itself.

To learn more please visit our website https://allatra.org/projects

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