Jacqueline D.

Jacqueline D.

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Allen, TX

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May 1, 2017

Introduce yourself to the group:

My name is Jackie Dodd. I am a single parent of a 7 year old son with Down syndrome and live in the Allen area. I would like to be an active member of my community as well as active with all of my son's activities. I am eager to develop some other contacts to assist in my current profession and have those contacts made in case my clients have needs that I cannot meet.

Have you checked our main page to make sure no one else in our group is currently providing your same product or service?

Yes and no one is providing this service.

What profession or industry do you represent?

I am a special education and juvenile law attorney.

What is the best type of referral or business connection?

I have not been involved in this type of networking group and would like to learn more about your group and how I can receive the full benefit of this group.