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Dallas, TX

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Nov 15, 2011


I'm a recent college graduate working in the banking industry and I'm relatively new to the DFW Metroplex. I'm considering starting a career in a different sector of the financial services industry that would be more of an entrepreneurial role.

Introduce yourself to the group:

I'm relatively new to the DFW Metroplex and am looking for ways to network with business professionals in order to build strong, mutually beneficial relationships.

Have you checked our main page to make sure no one else in our group is currently providing your same product or service?

I have checked it and there appears to be others in similar fields. However, I hope to gain and share valuable insight and opinions with them.

What profession or industry do you represent?

I'm in the banking/finance industry.

What is the best type of referral or business connection?

Yes I have been involved with a couple of other networking groups. But, I'm always eager to learn more about the networking world.