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Second Tuesday Film Crew meeting

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Meetings are held every 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of the month.

Meetups will be centered on productions and events: Planning for projects, filling production roles, finding locations, casting, fundraising, etc. The business part of the meetings doesn't take long and is usually followed by socializing with a very friendly and accepting bunch of people.

• NEW!

For detailed directions to Hive 4A, our new location:

With our new facilities, we'll have a 42" TV to show films. We'll look at AFC projects, member's other projects, and clips from various films (independent, commercial, etc.) with a focus on a particular aspect of production or post-production. (i.e. directing, editing, acting, etc.) Next to working on a film yourself, watching others' work is the best way to learn. We'll keep the business part of the meetings as brief as possible. We hope this will make it more interesting and fun for everyone!

This is an excellent group for networking for those who have done film related work as well as those just looking to explore it as a personal interest. So, whether you're an aspiring actor, writer or director, or just a real film buff who wants to learn about how it's done, we're the group for you!

We always accept new members, so join us for any meeting. The group currently has various levels of experience and backgrounds. We can use some people with some degree of experience or education, especially editing.

We've created a Facebook page to complement our group called, oddly enough, Allentown Film Crew. Please check it out, LIKE it and post on it.

Also visit our website: Allentown Film Crew (

See you at the next meeting!