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According to a Pew poll, there are more Jewish conservatives (19%) than Conservative Jews (18%). The poll was conducted in 2013, and as the antisemitism of the left has become more flagrant, the percentage of conservative Jews may be higher.

We are conservative for many reasons. While we differ on some issues, we support Israel at a time when the demonization of the Jewish state has reached new depths, and the antisemitism of Israel’s defamers has become more transparent. We support individual rights, particularly the right to free expression enshrined in the First Amendment. This, too, is increasingly under attack, especially on college campuses. It’s no coincidence that supporters of Israel are often targeted. We support free markets. Capitalism has been good for the Jews, and the various forms of socialism, not so much. We support the right of the U.S. government to determine, like any sovereign state, who shall be a citizen, and to enforce its immigration laws. We oppose identity politics. This also has not been good for the Jews, and is not good for America. We do not share the simplistic view of the world that divides everyone into oppressed or oppressor, and we are skeptical about the elusive concept of “social justice,” imported into liberal Judaism as tikkun olam.

We welcome all who regard themselves (or are regarded by indignant friends and family) as conservative, including neo-cons, paleo-cons, libertarians, classical liberals, and plain vanilla conservatives. Unlike our leftist friends, we enjoy the open discussion of issues and don’t regard disagreement as heresy.

We are non-denominational. We welcome members of all branches of Judaism as well as unaffiliated and secular Jews. You don’t have to be Orthodox to be conservative.

We are nonpartisan. We welcome Democrats, Republicans, and Independents alike.

We will be meeting once every 6-8 weeks, and discussing books and articles, watching films, or hearing speakers.

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