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Join the ladies of Alpha2Alpha for a diversified, sophisticated, educational, and co-operative networking experience. There are numerous hurdles women must jump over to reach their best Alpha selves. From issues concerning body image, to socioeconomic standing, to lack of awareness of “what’s out there” or even feeling isolated in one’s community; at times, it’s easier to just give up or settle. That’s why we must empower one another through discussion of societal and internal challenges, network to create co-created opportunity, and share resources, and information to spread the message that #WeareallAlpha. Alpha2Alpha has goals of partnering with local non-profits aimed at women's empowerment and education; many of the networking events in the future will be fundraisers with music and entertainment. To begin, however, we'd like to offer the chance to get together at the park for brunch, at an agreed upon location for hiking, and more. Let's create opportunities together and have fun doing it!


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80s Ladies Happy Hour

The Bayou Bar

Hosting an Internet TV Show: Why, How, & When to Do it

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