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The Georgia Nature Photographers Association (GNPA) is dedicated to helping nature photographers of all skill levels improve their photography, learn and grow, meet other outdoor photographers, participate in great trips and events, help others understand the value of the natural world and give focus to a special area of interest in photography.

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Creative Approaches for Nature Videos with Tom Simpson

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As photographers we all look for new approaches to express visually what we see in nature. While still photography can capture an image of beautiful sunset, a flying bird, or a waterfall, we may reach a point where we feel everyone has captured the “money shot”: an eagle snaring a fish, the composition of a waterfall, the Monet bridge at Gibbs Gardens, or the sunrise in the Smokies. As we seek new ways to be creative, we experiment with special lenses, apply intentional movement in a shot, or innovate ways to modify an image in Photoshop.

Photographers, especially nature photographers, are increasingly turning to video to bring new creative approaches to exposing and documenting nature. Better cameras now provide not only outstanding still images but also include better video capabilities to stimulate our desire to to capture the actions of the natural world: the flight of that eagle, the motion and sound of that waterfall, a rolling panorama of the beauty at Gibbs and the motion of a sunrise in the Smokey Mountains.
This presentation will introduce ways to get the best out of your camera’s video capability to capture the dynamic events of nature in motion that complement the still photography we have been used to for decades. Methods to setup your camera for nature videography, including special techniques to complement your creative ideas will also be presented.

Tom has served on the GNPA Board in various roles and is Past President for GNPA. He has also been Chapter Coordinator for several GNPA Chapters. Tom is a biologist and following service in the Army Chemical Corps his career has included faculty positions at MTSU, Wake Forest, and Agnes Scott College followed by 35 years in environmental consulting.

His photographic interests cover a wide range but are primarily around nature including landscapes, wildlife, and macro photography with a particular focus on nature video. He has photos published in the book on the Natural Communities of Georgia and the Journal of the National Wildlife Federation and has a collection of prints on permanent display at a local Uptown Café gallery.

Black Oystercatcher A Pacific coast shorebird and species of special concern

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Oystercatchers, as a family, can be found throughout most coastal regions around the world. Many birders think of the traditional tri-colored phenotype, where the bird has a dark top and white coloration beneath with the brightly colored orange bill. However, along the Pacific coast, Black Oystercatchers are a keystone species with limited numbers.
This presentation will introduce the viewer to Black Oystercatchers and their biology. It will also delve into the special concern over this species that, in turn, created an international working group in order to better study and conserve this species. Additionally, tips for photographing this species and how to use images to further their conservation will be discussed.
Alyce Bender is a nature photographer, writer, educator, and adventurer. Camera in hand since childhood, her fascination for photography developed into a career after serving in the U.S. Air Force. Her passion for wildlife and the natural environment compels her to connect others with nature through sharing both visual art and in-field experiences that promote conservation, creativity, and ethical photography.
She is a Tamron USA Ambassador, contributing writer for the Journal of Wildlife Photography, and her work has been featured in group and solo gallery shows across the US as well as in international publications from the UK to Japan. Bender leads photography adventures around the world to help beginner through advanced photographers explore and expand their personal vision and naturalist skills ethically.
When not in the field, she offers a variety of educational programs both in person and virtually for photography organizations large and small.
You can see more of Bender’s work at www.abenderphotography.com.

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