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The Georgia Nature Photographers Association (GNPA) is dedicated to helping nature photographers of all skill levels improve their photography, learn and grow, meet other outdoor photographers, participate in great trips and events, help others understand the value of the natural world and give focus to a special area of interest in photography.

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Painting With Cameras

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Imagination is the faculty or action of forming new ideas, images or concepts of external objects not present to the senses.” During David’s program “Painting With Cameras,” he will discuss new ways to see and capture a variety of subjects by using techniques such as intentional camera motion, multiple exposure, and lens zoom. Searching for and capturing subjects that are often overlooked or seldom seen will also be covered.

David DesRochers began his journey as a nature photographer on a trip to Glacier National Park in the summer of 2000. Since then, he and his wife Cathy have traveled the world to witness and photograph the wonders of our natural world.

David is a member of the North American Nature Photography Association and has written several articles for Nature Photographer Magazine. He is an accomplished public speaker and instructor and has appeared at events such as the New England Camera Club Council Annual Conference, Connecticut Association of Photographers Annual Seminar, and the New Jersey Audubon's Birding Festival. He is the 2014 recipient of the New Jersey Federation of Camera Clubs Citation and his photographs have appeared in books and magazines and on calendars.

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Wildlife Photography at Churchill, Canada with Dawn Wilson

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