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Denver is labeled as an American metropolis yet something's amiss within this ever-growing “city” hence the creation of the Alternative Supper Club where sophisticated, cultured, well-travelled, decorous individuals from all walks of life can come together and find solace through activities, meals and get-togethers that aren’t themed around the great outdoors, yet-another-craft-brewery and insert Colorado stereotype here.

When I initially toyed with the idea of a supper club—it was strictly that—an intimate supper club, a popup, with rotating chefs in people’s homes and omakase type experiences with a variety of restaurants, until I recently met some inspiring people who shared similar gripes about this lovely, quaint city—the lack of diversity, culture and activities that aren’t centered around “meeting up for drinks” or hiking paired with…beer.

With that in mind, I will organise events that are cultural, urban, sophisticated, intellectual and posh without the pretentiousness dedicated to the people who understand and miss the lifestyle you find in real metropolis like London, New York City and Seoul. Like me, if you’re feeling a bit out of place and misunderstood and after all these years still don’t and won’t conform to Colorado’s “casual wear”, I would love to have you join this group!

Hi, my name is Ann, your organiser. I am an ordinary human with extraordinary stories and experiences. I hope you would join me and see where this adventure takes us. Looking forward to meeting you. If you’re interested in becoming an organiser, I would love to hear from you too!

All the best. x

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Cocktails & Conversations - Peaks Lounge

Peaks Lounge

Evening at the Dior Exhibit

Denver Art Museum

The Inaugural Meet and Greet

Horror Bar

Shoplifters at the SIE Film Center

Sie FilmCenter

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