What we're about

• Are you bored of small talk?

• Do you want to chat about bigger questions and what if's?

• Are you interested in alternative or fringe topics that you can’t discuss with your work colleagues?

That's what Alternative Thinkers will be about: chatting & laughing about conspiracies, mysteries, politics and philosophies over coffee or drinks.

Some questions we might be discussing…

• What is false flag terrorism?

• Do psychedelics allow us to access higher consciousnesses?

• Is there a biometric agenda?

• Is there a divine creator?

• Could society thrive without a government?

No topic is too crazy to discuss - as long we are all open-minded and respectful about it.

Some formats the club might take in the future…

• Sharing YouTube clips or TED Talks

• Doing our own mini presentations

• Book or film club

• Debates

Our first session will be a casual get-to-know-you chat to think about some conversation topics, formats and locations.

Most important is to get together, have a laugh and open your mind.

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Second Meet Up


First Meet & Greet!

The Society Rooms

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