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pre meet The York 82 Islington High St Rumpus -TWISTED TOYS AND BEDTIME STORIES

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Rumpus are at it again….. The clock has struck midnight, and all are asleep. In the still darkness movement stirs in the corners and on the shelves, as across the land Toys start to come to life. The hour is late, though, and these Toys awake with twisted minds and fearsome appetites – My Little Pony Girls preen themselves before setting off on the prowl; Couldn’t Care Bears grab a bottle of vodka and a cigar, and Nutcrackers sharpen their teeth to razor sharp points…

Join Rumpus as we celebrate the darker side of what goes on after we’re safely tucked up in bed! Joining us in a crepuscular world of remote-controlled, real-life-accessories-included, wind-up-action fun are 7 rooms full of mighty names of the party scene: Halouminati and Barking Bateria explode across our stages; The Roustabouts and the inimitable Penny Metal will be serving you the finest beats, and we have quite possibly the largest number of interactive, walkabout and cabaret acts to ever feature at a Rumpus!