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The Diplomatic Corpse **Pre-meet 5:30 at the Big Chill**

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Gather your most inquiring friends and get ready to explore, puzzle and pun your way through the streets of London in our latest murder mystery treasure hunt. In the ever-volatile country of Paudaguay, you're never too far from danger. Even the most naïve of travellers know to guard themselves against the ferocious wildlife, the free-roaming criminal gangs, and typically biannual coups.
But, in our globalised world, trouble can travel fast. Now the simmering unrest has blown over to British shores and the Paudaguayan ambassador, Emilio Ninkash, has been murdered within his own embassy. Was this a political killing? The work of a petty criminal perhaps? Or was there someone with a more personal motive? National law dictates that in an emergency, all Paudaguayan citizens may be called upon for help.
Admittedly, this happens a lot.
In this time of peril, will you answer your consulate’s call to investigate the crime, restore tranquility to our diplomatic community, and bring the killer to justice?
Sharpen your minds as A Door In A Wall proudly presents an all-new murder mystery adventure:
The Diplomatic Corpse.
The game will run every evening from 2nd May to 15th June, with additional afternoon dates on some days. The Diplomatic Corpse is a team game and we suggest a group size of 3-6, though there are no formal limits. Each team will need a smartphone to hand and we advise you wear comfortable footwear as our story leads you out into the streets of central London, in search of clues and characters. 50 players can take part each time and tickets are priced at £30pp, plus booking fees.