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Peets Coffee - Los Altos

367 State St Just off Foothill Expy · Los Altos, CA

How to find us

Look for a group of Cyclists near the entrance and ask "Is this the A ride?"

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This is an advanced level ride with plenty of climbing and fast descents. It is recommended If you are unsure if this ride is right for you, please attend a Saturday B ride first and see how you do on that ride. If you have completed many other group rides and feel you have very good fitness we hope to see you out. These rides are usually epic with amazing riding and views.

WHAT, WHEN, WHERE: The Sunday AV "A" ride meet's at Peet's Coffee and Tea on State Street in Los Altos at 9:00 each Sunday, with or without its fearless leader. In the case of foul weather, the ride leader reserves the right to change the route. Departure time is 9:10. Get there early if you want a cup of java.

ROUTE: Foothill, Mt Eden, Pierce, 9, Up Bear Creek, Skyline, down Page, Altamont, Taaffe, etc to Peet's.

REGROUPS: Top of Pierce, 9 & 35, Boulder Creek, Skyline & Bear Creek, 9 & 35/CDF Station, 35 & Page, Altamont, Peet's.

RIDE ETIQUETTE: Be kind, at least for the first few miles; in other words, please ride at an accommodating pace until people get warmed up. If you're able, help people with mechanicals. If you see a mechanical occur, RELAY THE MESSAGE TO THE FRONT; wait for the victim at next regroup. Regroup after big climbs-approximately 10 minutes of waiting after the arrival of the first person would be appropriate. Paceline on the flats when possible. Introduce yourself to new riders. If you're a new rider, introduce yourself to those you find yourself riding next to.

RIDE SAFETY: On the roads, lets try to not take up the entire lane - 2 abreast max!

Riders should always wear a helmet. Riders are encouraged to wear a helmet on AV rides and riders are discouraged from riding with AV groups if they don’t wear a helmet.

Please, please, please, don't forget to LOOK FOR YOURSELF to see if cars are coming if you decide to sprint into the middle of the road. Use all of your senses when riding, and look behind you often. Observe caution on descents; even if the roads are dry, there are plenty of wacko drivers out there!

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