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Alexa is the voice service that powers Amazon Echo, provides capabilities, or skills, that enable customers to interact with devices in a more intuitive way using voice. Examples of skills include the ability to play music, answer general questions, set an alarm or timer, and more.

This meetup group is built around creating a community around people who are interested in developing skills for Alexa. We will host both online and offline events where we share our knowledge about building for Alexa. We'd love to hear about your experiences as well. So if you have something to share or want to demo a cool skill that you built, message one of the organizers.

Check out alexa.design/india to get started.

Past events (8)

Build Alexa Skills - Multimodal Interfaces (Device with screen)

91springboard, MG Road

Alexa workshop for game developers


Build Advanced Alexa Skills - Workshop

91springboard 7th Block, Koramangala

Build Alexa Skills - Intermediate

WeWork Embassy GolfLinks

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