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This group is intended for BOTH Newbies and Experienced sellers on Amazon. Personally, although I've sold on E-Bay, I have NO experience selling on Amazon.

Experienced Sellers: It would be my hope to have "experienced sellers" join and participate in this group. The experienced sellers will have the satisfaction of knowing they are inspiring themselves as well by working with newbies, helping them grow in the Amazon community. Most successful people understand the gain by giving back to their community... just as in the same way they received help from others when they were Newbies to their Amazon career. Remember experienced sellers, new opportunities will arise in any networking group of like minded people.

Newbies: It will be important for the benefit of the group that you spend time researching Google and YouTube, reading and listening to different people in order to gain enough knowledge in order to ask questions that will not slow down the groups learning curve. In other words, effort will have to be made on your part to earn your place as a serious student.

Overview: From everything I learned so far, I believe it is important that prospective members of this group have a "minimum" cash or credit line of $5,000, in order to do a start up business as a "Amazon Seller." Anything less than that will make it extremely difficult to get started...Not impossible, but difficult. Please understand, no money is required to changes hands within this group. I'm just trying to give you a realistic view of what it takes to get a good solid small business started. I'm sure the experienced seller will reinforce what I'm saying.

Speaking for myself, I have already spent several thousand dollars in classroom and online classes. It is my hope, with combined effort in the group, we will help one another avoid much of this cost. Later, when you are up and running, you will discover opportunities to advance your career through conventions, and seminars presented by both Amazon and third party resources. "Together, we can make this group discover success." Kindest Regards, Keith W. Norris

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