AWS Wellington User Group - #11 - IoT and Serverless in the Enterprise


Welcome to AWS Wellington User Group meetup #11.

The next Meetup is at the local watering hole, the Green Man pub.

We have selected the time from 4.00pm to 5.30pm to allow for those that have to leave early to still come along to the group.

This month we have a special guest all the way from Melbourne to drop some knowledge!

Presentation Slot 1: Scott Patterson & Simon Coward - Serverless in the Enterprise

Scott from API Talent and Simon from Xero will be speaking at Serverlessconf ( in London later this month. Come along for a sneak preview and hear about their first hand experience with implementing serverless technologies at Xero. Within the context of this large enterprise - over NZ$1 trillion transactions were recorded in Xero last year - they describe their journey of building serverless APIs with a focus on enterprise security concerns.

Presentation Slot 2: Adam Larter - Internet of Things with AWS

The AWS IoT Service allows you to manage and run billions of devices in a simple secure manner. In this talk, Adam Larter will demonstrate using the AWS IoT service to create a remotely controlled IoT system, and how to integrate it with other AWS and Amazon services such as Alexa, Amazon’s virtual assistant.

Adam Larter is a Principal Solutions Architect with Amazon Web Services (AWS) where he helps customers use best practice to design highly scalable, reliable and performant architectures in the AWS Cloud. Adam’s experience as a software developer allows him to dive deep into the code, and his background in the media industry has given him broad experience in large-scale distributed media workloads. He has a passion for developers, mobile and the Internet of Things, and all things ‘connected’.

See you all there!