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We are a non-profit organization with many Gnostic Centers located across the USA. It is our mission to disseminate the teachings of the Avatar of Aquarius Samael Aun Weor, free of charge, without distinction of caste, race, ethnicity or color of skin.

The Gnostic Teaching affirms that man has his Consciousness “Dormant”, which is trapped between multiple "Selves" or psychological defects. It establishes that the "I" is the source of pain, violence, suffering and misery to man. It exhorts us incessantly, on the need to change our way of thinking, feeling and acting, with the primary objective of seeking the path of Psychological Liberation.

It emphasizes "Self-Observation" and "Self-Remembering", in coordination with “Discernment and Profound Meditation”, as analytical tools to cultivate comprehension and to achieve the gradual awakening of our Consciousness. Transforming ourselves, this way, in explorers of our inner world, and in seekers of truth.

Gnostic Topics: The Process of the Transmigration of the Souls, Re-Incarnation and Return, Symbolism of Dreams, Kabbalah & Numerology, Runes & Lamasery, Natural & Scientific Laws, Applied Psychology, etc. It requires that The Gnostic student to be Mystic, Scientist, Philosopher and Poet, however; it is noteworthy, that the primary goal of the Gnostic consists in "The Elimination of Ego and the Development of Our Real Inner Being". For this goal, Gnosis proposes 3 Factors for the Revolution of the Consciousness: "Death, Birth and Sacrifice for Mankind".
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Meditation and the Higher Faculties of the Mind

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Meditation on Psychological Self-Observation

Civic Center Library

Meditation and Dream Yoga =FREE ADMISSION=

Civic Center Library