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HERE is where you JOIN our "MEETUP" group!! Do you support American Exceptionalism, Free Market Capitalism and want LESS Government interference in your daily life? If YES, then you "GET IT" and we welcome you to join the American Spirit Movement (https://www.facebook.com/americanspiritmovement/app_137541772984354). We are dedicated to helping each other in the areas of Community Commerce, Business Networking, Employment, Idea-sharing and Education. IF this sounds good to you then this is THE "Movement" that will help us come together in a simple, yet powerful way with something that is easy to do daily to help us in our everyday lives within our local communities.

Our founding principles mirror those our country was founded and framed upon and it is our intent to support each other in the very same SPIRIT of our founding. PLEASE read along to learn more. Thank you and stay tuned for future meetings to learn how you can REALLY start helping others in our local community who share our same values and American Spirit!

OUR VISION: Create an environment where members of the American Spirit Movement (https://www.facebook.com/americanspiritmovement/app_137541772984354) are empowered to help other members in the areas of Community Commerce, Business Networking, Employment, Idea-sharing and Education and as a result of our efforts we will also be contributing to our American Exceptionalism. Our members "get it" - when it comes to American Exceptionalism, we are not part of the problem, we are the solution.

OUR MISSION: Grow the American Spirit Movement (https://www.facebook.com/americanspiritmovement/app_137541772984354) through the efforts of our members for the direct benefit of our members.

Here is what gets us "FIRED UP"!


DISCLAIMER: We are not a political movement per se but rather a principled movement of empowerment that is rooted in principles of Conservatism. Our underlying theme and motivation revolves around all that is American Exceptionalism; is America the best that she can be? Yes, we draw a very clear distinction between "Liberalism" and "Conservatism" and we believe Liberalism holds us back from an Exceptional America. For example, the American Spirit Movement will not be fund-raising for candidates or participating in other activist-centered activities outside of our membership group.


We believe America truly is Exceptional and that principles of Conservatism paved the way for our Exceptionalism - beginning with the Founders and continuing throughout our history.

We are concerned that America and the IDEA of American Exceptionalism is slipping away, right in front of our eyes.

We believe there is an escalating battle between the ideologies of Liberalism and Conservatism and we fear Conservatism may be losing this battle.

We believe Liberalism is at the root of most things that ail America and hold us back from achieving Exceptional results for our Exceptional society.

We believe it will be, that it has to be, principles of Conservatism that will help America get straightened out and on the road to recovery.

We believe the very SPIRIT of America has been hurt. Frustrations are growing, especially among those who KNOW in their minds and their hearts, beyond the shadow of any doubt, that they, that WE are part of the solution. We are NOT part of the problem.

We are convinced that most of us feel the same way but we just aren't quite sure what we can do “to make a difference”. Oh, there’s plenty of movements, aren't there? And there are plenty of people seeking your “support” for a cause. Perhaps there really is something “simple” but very powerful each of us can do that helps us reinvigorate the very SPIRIT of America starting right within our own communities? And if there is, what’s the catalyst? What’s the vehicle that gets us there?

And then one day it hit us, literally stopping us in our tracks as it dawned on us that the greatest "asset" available to us in the struggle (or battle) against Liberalism is the American Free Enterprise system! Our free markets were established on Conservative principles producing the greatest economy in the history of the world.

The very essence and driving force of the American Spirit Movement revolves around a very simple but profound concept of "Keeping Conservative Dollars in Conservative Pockets" - Our members 'get it' - when it comes to American Exceptionalism, we are not part of the problem, we are the solution and we are focused on empowering and supporting each other.

We are encouraging YOU to join us (https://www.facebook.com/americanspiritmovement/app_137541772984354) so we can support each other in Community Commerce, Employment, Business Networking, Idea Sharing and Education. Where can we do this? Attend an American Spirit Movement meeting and you will learn more about what we are doing to really make a difference!! America truly IS Exceptional.

Thank you - Kevin Sabbides - Founder

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Meetup Meetings Coming Soon...American Spirit Movement has launched in SWFL!!

If you support American Exceptionalism and Free-market Capitalism as well as Limited Government intrusion and oversight then you've found the movement to get on board with.

We want to gauge how many new American Spirit Movement (https://www.facebook.com/americanspiritmovement/app_137541772984354) members we are able to gain interest and initial support from with our Meetup efforts. We'd respectfully ask you to read through some of our preliminary information here and if you get the idea of what we're doing then PLEASE JOIN US and look out for our first scheduled meeting.

We are prepared to present in front of 50 or 500 so we'd like to better determine the room size we'll need for our meeting(s). We are humble in our approach yet confident in our vision for this movement - we will not waste your time and we believe you will find this movement something we can come together on to help each other in the areas of Commerce, Employment, Business Networking, Idea-sharing and Education.

Thank you in advance for your support!

Kevin Sabbides - Founder

American Spirit Movement

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Wednesday February 18th MeetUp - Bass Pro Shops

Bass Pro Shops

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