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ATS® Tribal Combinations (Lvl 2) - 2018 Session 6: North Hollywood Oct-Nov
Level 2 – ATS® Tribal Combinations: Sundays 1-2 PM (Instructor approval needed for Level 2) * 2018 Session 6 [Level Two 1-2 PM]: Oct 21, Oct 28, Nov 4, Nov 11, Nov 18, Nov 25 (all in Studio E) In Level Two ATS® Tribal Combinations, dancers expand on the foundational movements with new combos, layers, and formation variations. Put together, Levels One and Two are considered Classic ATS®. The syllabus is presented in 12 weeks total, so two sessions are needed to get a full introduction to Level 2. [Session 6 will cover weeks 1-6.] Zills (finger cymbals) are required. * * * These are regular tuition-based courses. There are three different ways to purchase tuition for these classes. • Session Dance card = $10 per class (6-week sessions $60, 7-week sessions $70) BEST VALUE! Buy the whole session for only $10 per class, when you buy all six or seven classes together. • Part-Time Dance card = $12 per class, for 5 classes over the span of 2 sessions ($60)FLEXIBLE class scheduling! Buy 5 classes for any week during two sessions. • One-class Drop-in = $15 per class. Payments can be made by cash, check, PayPal, Square, or Venmo (including tap-to-pay from phones). "Advance Purchase” can be done in the five minutes before the start of class, if you like. More Information: Classes at Madilyn Clark Studios are held in various studios with professional wooden dance floors. Bare feet are appropriate or soft dance shoes that do not leave marks. Please check the calendar to see which studio we are in, each week. Parking for Madilyn Clark Studios is limited along two walls of the building plus adjacent street parking. Observe "No Parking" signs carefully, for example, do not park alongside the black painted wall opposite the studios.

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Cat’s primary goal is to bring a fun and personally fulfilling bellydance experience to as many people as possible, both fellow dancers and audience members. As a group, improvisational dance form, ATS® can be the most elaborate game of follow-the-leader you have ever experienced. But beyond the dance vocabulary of movement, formations, cues, and flow, Cat hopes to empower dancers to embrace movement without shame, fitness for all sizes, and the joy and beauty in the community we build in which our job is to make everyone look good.

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