ATS® Fundamentals (Lvl 1) - 2019 Session 4: North Hollywood Classes Jul-Aug


* 2019 Session 4: Jul 7, (no class Jul 14), Jul 21, Jul 28, Aug 4, Aug 11, (no class Aug 18), Aug 25, (no class Sep 1), Open Hafla Sep 8.
* Classes vary studios: Level 1 = Jul 7b, Jul 21d, Jul 28d, Aug 4c, Aug 11c, Aug 25c, Hafla in C

LEVEL ONE = 2-3 pm

This syllabus introduces the basic movements of ATS® through instruction and drills. Dancers then use this foundational vocabulary to dance with partners in duet, trio, and quartet formations. Zills (finger cymbals) are requested from week three on. Students may bring their own cymbals or may make arrangements to purchase them from the instructor.

Each class starts with a warm-up, a drill for playing zills (finger cymbals), and then features technique study for Fast and Slow movements as well as formations. All dancers will learn to both follow and lead the movements, at a pace that matches the dancer’s learning style and pace. Everything is geared for your best success. All dancers of all abilities should regularly train in Level One–these are the ATS® Dance Fundamentals.

These are regular tuition-based courses. There are three different ways to purchase tuition for these classes.

• Session Dance card = $10 per class (6-week sessions $60, 7-week sessions $70) BEST VALUE! Buy the whole session for only $10 per class, when you buy all six or seven classes together.

• Part-Time Dance card = $12 per class, for 5 classes over the span of 2 sessions ($60) FLEXIBLE class scheduling! Buy 5 classes for any week during two sessions.

• One-class Drop-in = $15 per class.

Payments can be made by cash, check, PayPal, Square, or Venmo (including tap-to-pay from phones). "Advance Purchase” can be done in the five minutes before the start of class, if you like.

More Information:

Classes at Madilyn Clark Studios are held in various studios with professional wooden dance floors. Bare feet are appropriate or soft dance shoes that do not leave marks. Please check the calendar to see which studio we are in, each week.

Parking for Madilyn Clark Studios is limited along two walls of the building plus adjacent street parking. Observe "No Parking" signs carefully, for example, do not park alongside the black painted wall opposite the studios.