Meet with kindred spirits for guided meditation and shamanic drum journeying.

Amherst Shamanic Journeying
Amherst Shamanic Journeying
Public group

Every 1st Tuesday of the month

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Come join the Circle for the First Tuesday Shamanic Journeying group! We will gather for a guided meditation and chakra balancing, followed by group drumming, rattling and movement. Then I will lead you in a shamanic drum journey with a particular theme. We then have an opportunity to share our journeys with the group.

December 3 Journey - "Wolf Wisdom"

Wolf medicine is that of the teacher, pathfinder and visionary who share their wisdom to benefit their clan. Wolves mate for life and are loyal to their pack as well as have a strong individualistic urge. Wolf has a strong association with the moon and psychic energy, and howling at the moon may symbolize the calling forth of these energies. Wolf is said to be associated with the Dog Star, Sirius, which was thought to be the home of gods and teachers in ancient times. Wolf teaches us to seek out solitude to find our true self, and to claim our power as a teacher. We call on wolf medicine to help us share our wisdom with others for the healing of Earth and Humanity.

We will begin the evening with a guided relaxation and chakra clearing, inviting in Wolf Medicine. This will be followed by group drumming, rattling, moving and sounding. We will then have a guided drum journey and sharing circle.

Come join us for a Wild, Empowering and Healing Evening!
All are welcome!

Where: Nacul Center, 592 Main St, Amherst, MA 01002
What to Bring: Drums, rattles (if you have them), bandana or scarf to cover eyes, mat to lie on, blanket, water bottle, notebook
Cost: $25-40 sliding scale

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