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Please email amicussocial@googlemail.com and obtain a programme of events - as Amicus does not believe in the fictitious numbers as seen on this site.

Amicus is not a dating agency or cheap pick up event – with a two-month period of grace to experience the groups activities but we have a small fee to cover costs (this site isn’t cheap). The group meets weekly, with a programme of events and no committees.

When - Alternate Fridays and Saturdays

Where – Alternate Fridays at the Coach and Horses, Markfield or Saturday at an event.

You require transport and a mobile/answer phone for communication.

Amicus is designed for the dating naive; those emotionally humiliated by divorce and plain dyed in the wool single people looking for new friends and learning to cope with Life, the Universe and Everything!

Amicus is a small group of people finding their feet again after bereavement, divorce or separation Members are aged 40+, (age is not a barrier) with own transport and a mobile’ for communication from the group administration. A sense of humour, inclined to the dry, drole side will help!

Why? - At events we socialise, take the moment and the fact we are all people in the same situation and enjoy our new life. Three years is the average time before members find a special person and much to our sorrow, trail off into the sunset!

Drinks Evenings - please do come along to a drinks evenings the organiser has a 'T' shirt marked Amicus in Blue letters - if you email first you can be met outside the venue - at this stage, men are far more terrified than women!

Events – to prevent utter chaos all events pre-booked and prepaid

Facebook: Amicus Social Organisation - see posts

Website: Amicussocial.org - greater explanation

Please Email: amicussocial@googlemail.com - for a programme of events

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