Design Sprint & the immense value of failure

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Michael Jordan has failed more than 9000x ( - only 30 sec!).
What is the last time you failed?

We fail every day. But we are often so worried about our failure that we create vague goals, so that nobody can point the finger when we don't achieve them. We imagine all the possible excuses why things went this way, instead of learning from our mistakes.

There is an immense value in failure. Only by redefining failure we can unleash progress creativity and resilience.
Black Box Thinking, Matthew Syed

With a Design Sprint you create a safe environment to be able to fail and learn together with your team in 4 days. During this Meetup we show you how to get the most value from experiments and how a Design Sprint can help you with this.

To invent you have to experiment, and if you know in advance that it's going to work, it's not an experiment.
Jeff Bezos, CEO Amazon.

We like an active Meetup, so in addition to a short presentation, we also do a practical exercise. There will be sufficient room for questions, discussion and knowledge exchange.

18:00 Reception with beer and pizza 🍕
18:15 Start presentation & practical exercise
20:00 Networking & drinks