• Python, Kubernetes, Microservices, Pizza and Beer

    Hey Python lovers! Come join the second Amsterdam Digital Python on Tuesday 27 August 2019 in Amsterdam Sloterdijk. The first one was a interesting meetup with good feedback. We will have 4 fantastic speakers with interesting topics. The MeetUp will be held in the cool Google style 3rd floor of KPN Technium. We have some pizza and beers too python agenda.py print(""" 1) Modern ways of distributing source code in Python 2) A JSON store backed by Postgres as a scalable RESTful service. In our project we have particular data storage needs since we collect (unstructured) data from different providers and store a wide collection of different entities. For this purpose we set up a scalable RESTful service to store and query data objects without specifying any specific schema. The service is backed by Postgres using the JSONb data type and provides advanced filtering along with geographical and time series queries. This talk will cover the biggest technical challenges we faced, along with a generic overview of the implementation. 3) Orchestrating jobs with airflow on Kubernetes Micro services add a lot of complexity to any project. One way to tackle this, is to equip teams with a set of tools that can give better visibility and a more intuitive way to manage dependencies. Airflow can greatly help in this. 4) Networking (drinks and food) """)

  • Amsterdam Digital Python MeetUp

    KPN B.V.

    Hey Python lovers! Come join the first Amsterdam Digital Python on Wednesday 3rd April 2019 in Amsterdam Sloterdijk. We have three fantastic speakers with interesting Python topics. The MeetUp will be held in the cool Google style 3rd floor of KPN Technium. python agenda.py print(""" 1) Building beautiful simple restful API's 2) Lessons learned from using uwsgi at scale 3) Why I used asyncio and/or aiohttp 4) Networking (drinks and food) """)