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👋 Our November meetup is not a regular meetup, but we have teamed up with Erlang Solutions (CodeSync) to organise a conference: Code BEAM lite Amsterdam (a.k.a. BEAMsterdam). This is a one-day conference, focusing on BEAM technologies (the Elixir and Erlang languages). The program is packed with great talks. In total we have 13 talks, including one from an Elixir core team member, an established book author and the CTO of the company behind Quickcheck. The program is also quite varied: ranging from in-depth technical talks to more talks about architectural decisions, to talks about IoT and doing fun stuff with the BEAM. ## Venue The conference takes place at the beautiful, art-nouveau style Lloyd hotel, in Amsterdam, 5 minutes from the central station. ## RSVP / Tickets We don't have Meetup RSVPs for this event, instead, go here to reserve your ticket: As an Elixir meetup member, you can use the discount code "CBLamst4meetups" to get 10% off. There is also a diversity scheme to increase diversity of attendees and offer support to those in the tech community who would not otherwise be able to attend the conference. How cool is all that! Hope to see you there 🤝

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Lloyd Hotel

Oostelijke Handelskade 34, 1019 BN · Amsterdam

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