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Thursday Outdoor Football

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We play in Gerbrandypark starting at 6:30 p.m.

There are a couple of crucial points to keep in mind about outdoor games:

Attendance: If you sign up and don't cancel you are expected to show up. If there are doubts about whether there will be enough people for a good game, please discuss among yourselves in the comments whether you will still go, so that people get a sense of how many other people will show up. Also please decide among yourselves whether the game gets cancelled or not.

Ball: If you have a ball, please bring it (and let us know in the comments).

Surface: It's astroturf, and If you have special shoes for artificial grass I recommend using them, although it's not strictly necessary.

Lights: The main problem with the pitch is that the lights are not very bright so that the pitch is only sort of dimly lit. It's more or less playable, but not everybody will like it.

Availability: Another problem is that it's possible that others are either already playing when we arrive or will want to join us later. It's a public court so we can't claim exclusive use of the pitch. For some people this may be a deal breaker, for others it may not be. That's everybody's own choice.

Rain: A bit of rain isn't so bad but more than a bit becomes problematic, also because fewer people will show up then and we may not have enough players for a good game. So if it is expected to rain when we play the game will be cancelled.

Free: Outdoor games are free of charge.


If you are coming by public transport you can use to plan your journey.