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Supermoon 2016

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Join us in photographing the biggest and brightest supermoon so far this century.

There are an average of 4-6 supermoons per year. But this will definitively be the one to photograph, at a distance of "only" 356,509 km. The moon won’t come this close again until the full moon of November 25, 2034.

Camera Settings

For best results, bring your tripod, trigger release and your telezoom lens (if you have one). Use a low ISO-setting of 100 or 200. Underexpose rather than overexpose, since the full moon is very bright.

Try to use a faster shutter speed than the focal length of your lens (eg. 300mm = 1/300sec or faster) and a medium aperture of f. 5.6 to 11.

Use the viewfinder and a trigger release (or your timer). It makes it easier to avoid camera shake.

Keep shooting!

Play around with different exposures and apertures to get that perfect shot.

Meeting point

We will meet in front of the Amsterdam EYE Film Institute. A 2min ferry ride behind Central Station. There we will have loads of space for our tripods, and no trees or buildings obstructing our view.