• My First Webcomponent?

    Mirror Center

    Dear members of the Amsterdam Web Component Meetup, UPDATE2: Both talks now have a proper title/description. UPDATE: The initial invite had the wrong date.. 🤦 ..it's[masked]. The end of 2019 is coming. This year we had the goal to bring our meetup back to life, and what else could we do than another meetup! Exacty, nothing! After our last event, a workshop, we want to stay hands-on and practical. A big thanks to Nulab for sponsoring us with food and venue this time! Have a look at their offering. (https://www.nulab.com/) 🌨️ Theme ☃️💨 I guess it's the season that made me question: "What was my first web component?". We've come a long way and we've seen several styles of web components pass us by. But, if for you the answer to the question above is: none 🤔, then we have a talk for you! After which you will be inspired to listen to our deep dive in Open WC. 🏢 Venue For our end-of-year event, we found a nice place in the Mirror Center, located next to train station Muiderpoort, address: Ter Gouwstraat 3, Amsterdam. 🗓️ Schedule We will start with a dinner, and end with drinks. In between, I'll introduce the speakers for two talks: Georges, Pascal and Lars. • 17:30 Doors open, dinner starts • 18:30 Introduction • 18:45 Speakers • 20:30 Discussion and drinks • 21:30 End 🔊 Speakers As you might know, we usually aim for two speakers per meetup. And the two speakers for this event, will kick-off this year right! Here are the titles and abstracts: (one to be added later) Hands-on development of Web Components in the library of your choice by Georges Gomes 👐 - webcomponents.dev Bare metal Javascript, LitElement, Svelte 3, Riot, Omi, Stencil, LWC, Atomico, Haunted, Heresy, HyperHTML, Litedom, Ottavino, SkateJS, or SlimJS. Just bring your laptop and we will collectively create a Web Component collection in a fun process. Perfect for beginners to write their first Web Component or for more advanced users that want to discover new ways of doing Web Components (or help beginners!). Building Web Components with Open-Wc Tools 🚽 by Pascal Schilp & Lars den Bakker 🏊‍♀️- open-wc.org Open-wc provides a set of recommendations and defaults on how to facilitate your web component project, to get you developing and up to speed in no time. During this talk Lars and Pascal will take you on a deep dive all the way from javascript fatigue, to buildless workflows with open-wc tooling and recommendations. (and live-coding if we have been sweet this year.. 🎄🎅) https://github.com/open-wc/open-wc 🙋 Please tell us? We would like to cater for your needs. Tell us your dietary preferences. If you have other wishes or tips/ideas, feel free. Also, if you feel like it: please share your favourite web component tag name, e.g. "my-first-webcomponent" Let's meet up for the last time, this year! PS: Apologies for my jolly mood while writing this invitation. 🤷‍♂️