🍻 Pubquiz (more than Ruby)!

This is a past event

48 people went


Hiya Rubyists!

We're back with another pubquiz, curated by our fellow Rubyist Ivan Zarea. 🤓
This time Codaisseur is hosting this event and they are sponsoring beers and pizza! 🎉

You're all invited to join with a team. Bring you friends and/or co-workers and test your knowledge about programming languages, computer (science), some history and more. (You don't have to be a whizkid to win this :P)
No worries if you don't have a team, we'll assign you to one!

See you there! ⚠️ RSVP? What? Oh that thing you update if you are not going to a meetup, so other get a fair shot at attending? Yes! ⚠️