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Why? What's this group about?

The inspiration to found the group derives from this amazing quote of Albert Einstein: "No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it."


How can I reach this higher level of consciousness and why blindspothunting?

On my journey of self development I oftentimes believed sth must be fixed and therfore wrong with me or that I would need to work hard to "help myself"! I found out that this is the wrong approach as it is a concept build on victimhood and self-pity. So I looked into its opposite which is freedom, love, fun..!

A life in which I have fun solving these "problems/blockades/blind spots..." and get "rewarded" by reaching higher consciousness, feels like an easier more joyful life to me! Thus I like to consider myself as a hunter or explorer of my blind spots.

Behind my blindspots I rather found shadows or simply a lack of exposure/lack of access to missing information. Focus in this group is shadow work.

According to Maslow, there are 4-5 levels/stages of consciousness (state of awareness or perception).

1. Unconscious incompetence -> Complete unawareness of your blindspot ("You don't know that you don't know")

2. Conscious incompetence -> You find out that there is a blind spot ("You now know that you don't /didn't know")

3. Conscious competence -> You gain awareness about your blind spot, eg. cause and effect of that blindspot, you find and test solutions ("You now know")

4. Unconscious competence-> You have integrated solutions/your shadow, there is no blindspot anymore/it doesnt bother you anymore, you learnt enough, ("You now don't (need to) know anymore that you know ")

5. Mastery -> You train yourself to be the best in that area or you learnt so much that you can train other people effortlessly in that area, no shadows ("You now have clear evidence that you really know..")


Intention of the group?

Imagine a world in which people are completely aware about their actions and its consequence to everyone. Or imagine a community in which we all share our journeys and teach each other. I like to offer a platform for this common learning! A community in which we listen to each other, explore our ways of thinking/doing and have fun while doing so :)

How does a meetup session look life? What to expect in each meetup?

When the group was founded I offered 3h workshops to really work on blind spots and follow-up sessions to track the progress. Unfortunately costs (of the location, printouts, payment to meetup) couldnt be covered. I am now offering free events in bars or the libery where we can talk, but I'd also be up for whole workshops!

Topics can be suggested by each member. I then set up a meetup 2-4weeks later (usually on Thursdays), so that each member can check in with their blindspot and share their progress and findings during the meetup.

Each event will start around 7:15pm with a) a short intro of shadow work/blindspothunting, the group and me, b) a general intro of participants, c) specific intro of the theme and then d) an open sharing round related to that specific topic and end around 9:15/9:30pm with e) feedback

As conversations are usually very private and confronting (and difficult in public space), a limitation of 12 participants is required - best are small groups of 4-7ppl.

Bianca :)

Upcoming events (3)

Finding more blindspots: perceptions and world views (how life should be)

*Location might change, pls check 2h before the event starts* Hello there, the aim of this meetup group is to increase consciousness by integrating blind spots or more specifically shadows through the 5 stages of consciousness. I'll explain more during the meetup. Come, share, teach and learn! The theme for today: world views/beliefs passed down to us in our childhood and their impact on our perceptions. Have a look at this video here: https://youtu.be/QGQQ7pJQqHk Isn't it shocking to understand how our interpretations of "reality" are based on which world views were passed down to us as a child? Isn't is scary that there are automatic responses and judgements in us which make us think and behave in certain ways? Are we who we want to be or are we also a product or extension of our parents? During this event, let's look into our world views and perceptions. Last time I was asked for an assignment: Find out 3 world views (how life should be/how was humanity explained to you/how did your parents talk about other ppl/what was the essence..) which your parents passed down to you - what was your reaction as a child - how do you react now - look for events in which these world views were triggered - how did you react - challenge your reaction eg by finding the opposite reaction/how does this feel like - do you react like your parents would/the opposite/which are your own views on life and how do these inherited beliefs impact your perception. Just play around a bit in the next weeks/days/hours and share during the meetup! I am VERY excited to listen to your findings, experience and opinions on the video. If we have time (and feel advanced enough), we can also look into the EQ/ emotional mastery (5th stage of consciousness) as mentioned in the video: Emotional mastery is about perceiving multiple layers of meaning in the negative space of life. It's about seeing all the potential realities that could exist. Agenda: Start 7:15pm (if you come later, just take a seat, I'll involve you..) - Short intro of participants - Short intro of the group, 5stages of consciousness, explanation of shadow work and (connection to) the today's theme - Sharing circle/open discussion/teach and learn - Short meditation - Feedback, learnings, suggestions of new topics etc End around 9:15pm (if you need to leave earlier, just leave, np :) Shadow work reveals deep and private insights - if vulnerability is a blind spot for you and you like to "quickfix ppl", pls mention this during the intro ;-P This event is FREE, a donation (pay as you like) would be appreciated.

Blind spot: Energy Vampirism/our own Energy Management

Picasso Statue at Vondelpark

Hi there when you do shadow work, you need to be conscious of your boundaries and ressources. Why? Because when you confront yourself with your shadows (fears, guilt, shame, incompetence, surpressed aspects), you better have a good support & energy system in place to bounce back quickly and progress (resilience will be the topic on the next meetup 11th of July). Did you ever create and updated a list of everything that gives you energy vs drains you? Are you consequent and kind within the process? Is there a healthy balance, overcomsumption or have you found other solutions or have other opinions? Are you annoyed by all these negative people who steal your energy? If they do - how to recognize and limit this? More important: are you aware of how you influence others? One extremly useful tool which I use to do shadow work is called "mirroring". Meaning I am aware that every behaviour in someone else which triggers me can be a mirror of my own surpressed aspects. So feel free to join and use the next weeks to observe yourself and other energy vampires :) Let's look into all this! Come, share, teach and learn! I will add an agenda and video link in the next days.. This event is FREE, but a donation would be appreciated to keep the group alive. Bianca

How dreams can help us finding and integrating our shadows

OBA La Place, 7th floor

Hi everyone, After a short intro of the group and shadow work, we will hear Erin's presentation on working with dreams (its also a great tool to use for shadow work!) Presentation Description: For this meetup event, please bring a dream you've written down that you are curious about. In this event, we will work with our sleeping nighttime dream state, and learn how to identify the story line behind our dreams. The majority of our dreams are a nudge from our subconscious about a deeply ingrained pattern we are unaware of. When we begin to see our dreams as stories for our lives, we can use our skills of consciousness to heal old wounds, release past negative emotions, and clean up our old subconscious patterns so we can begin to live our lives in freedom. We've been trained to dismiss our dreams by our culture when in fact our dreams are one of the most powerful forms of communication from our soul. Join this meetup to learn practical tools you can apply to your dreams to gain quick, personal insight for your life. We will work through one or more dreams in story format to see what we find in the images and metaphors when we look deeper. We will also discover safe ways to engage the subconscious mind back into a dreaming state so that we can gain more insight from our dreams.

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