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Continuing the tradition, AmsterdamJS is here to make your winter evenings more exciting with great talks and cozy community gatherings. This December we'll have our special guest Sam Bellen visiting Amsterdam, with a talk about hidden features of the Web Platform that you never heard about.

The event will be hosted at a proven, professional venue Crea (with a great bar next to it for after-party), as well as live streamed and recorded as all of our talks are. This would not be achievable without our partners and supporters: Evolution Gaming ( and BlueFront (

# Event Schedule

17:30 - Doors open with bites and drinks in the Café
19:00 - Introduction and announcements
19:10 - "I didn’t know the browser could do that!" by Sam Bellen @sambego ( )
19:40 - "Essential JavaScript debugging tools for the modern detective" by Rebecca Hill @rebekaka ( )
19:55 - "Speculaas: specification based testing for Node.js" by Maurits Rijk @mauritsrijk ( )
20:10 - Short break
20:20 - Fireside chat with Koen Bok @koenbok ( ), founder of Framer ( ), inventing the future of UI design with their next-generation prototyping tool
21:00 - Beers and Talks at Crea Cafe till Midnight

# Talk 1: I didn’t know the browser could do that!

The times when a browser simply had to parse and show some markup are long gone. These days they are full of interesting APIs exposing various information and behaviour to web developers. This talk will walk you through a few of these APIs (speech, speech recognition, media recorder, location, ...), some of which you might know, some maybe not. I will show a quick example of what some of these APIs can do, and how to use them.

Sam Bellen ( is a front-end developer at madewithlove, a small app development company based in Belgium, but with employees all over the world. For his day to day job he is in charge of creating challenging user interfaces and making applications nice to work with. After office hours he likes to play around with the web-audio API, and other "exotic" browser APIs.

# Talk 2: Essential JavaScript debugging tools for the modern detective

Debugging JavaScript can drive developers crazy. It’s not surprising when so many us stick to the trusty console.log - but there are better ways. From debugging a critical issue in production, to simply struggling to add a new feature and not realising you’ve misread some documentation… We use a similar process and set of skills in these types of situations. But the sad fact is, we’re often too stressed or busy to think about how to improve those skills and really take advantage of the different tools and techniques available to us. This talk will both explore how we can improve on that process and show you some really handy techniques that can get you out of a bind quickly.

# Talk 3: Speculaas: specification based testing for Node.js

Speculaas ( is a Node.js version of clojure.spec. Using specifications makes it easy to generate tests for dynamic languages like Node.js. During this talk I will present the concepts behind specification based testing and demonstrate how this can be done using Speculaas.

# Fireside Chat with Koen Bok from Framer

Koen Bok ( is the co-founder of Amsterdam-based Framer (, a tool that aims to bridge the gap between design and development. They recently closed a pretty massive round of Series A funding (, which puts them in a unique position to invent the future of UI prototyping and visual code editing. We are curious to hear all about it in a cosy Fireside Chat with the visionary behind this local success story.

# Apply for Speaker Bootcamp

We are setting up a Speaker Bootcamp to help aspiring speakers take their first strides towards international fame – or let’s just start with a great talk at one of our meetups. 🙃

Does that sound like you? Always felt the latent ambition to master the art of public speaking, but never got around to taking the initial step? This is your chance! Drop Robert an email at [masked] for more information.

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