NodeJS edition: Speeding up React SSR with ESX, Function-As-a-Service & more

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There's more and more of NodeJS around! APIs, real-time servers, developers tooling, and test automation are just a few cases to mention...

Are you interested in knowing Node better?

This is the time for a special AmsterdamJS Meetup edition focusing primarily on Node and organized in a collaboration with:
- NodeJS community Netherlands -

The meetup will be hosted by one of the coziest offices in Amsterdam - Picnic which is 150 meters from Overamstel metro station. And the ​food is also on them (if you know what Picnic is).

During the meetup, we will raffle two tickets for JSNation Conference ( which introduces an in-depth NodeJS track this year starring: Thomas Watson from Elastic Search, Matteo Collina from NearForm, Ruben Bridgewater from NodeJS Foundation and other recognizable engineers and star speakers. The talk of the city is to be about: load testing, debugging, performance optimization, server-side rendering, security, controlling a swarm of drones with NodeJS and more...

See you on 15th May and do not forget to update NodeJS to v10. 😉

# Event Schedule

18:00 - Doors open - snacks, beer, socialization
19:00 - Introduction and announcements
19:10 - 🗣 "Secrets to Speeding up React SSR with ESX" by David Clements
19:40 - 🗣 "Function-As-a-Service? Demystifying serverless deployments with Zeit Now" by Chris Kipp
20:10 - Networking at the venue

## Secrets to Speeding up React SSR with ESX
by David Clements (

As a Principal Architect and Consultant at NearForm, it has become painfully clear that React's Server-Side Rendering (SSR) is a performance bottleneck for web backends around the world. That's why I made ESX, it's a simple solution that can be dropped into pre-existing React applications to significantly improve Server-Side rendering throughput. This talk not only demonstrates ESX but also explains how it works with live coding examples.

About David
Principal architect at NearForm and the author of “Node Cookbook” (

## Function-As-a-Service? Demystifying serverless deployments with Zeit Now
by Chris Kipp (

Dont't let confusing terms like "serverless architecture" and "function-as-a-service" confuse you. Let's take a step back, define what these words mean, and dive into what a serverless deployment looks like. We'll use Zeit's Now platform as a super simple example of how easy it is to get serverless applications up and running.

About Chris

A developer at EBPI on a team focusing on qualified information exchange providing tooling and applications for business communities and national governments.

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