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Hey AmsterdamJS folks, it's time to meet again! A new edition of our Meetup is coming up on February 20, and we've prepared a whole roster of amazing guests.

This time, we'll discuss building data layer with TS and GraphQL, intro to Svelte, and also the lessons learned from the most popular frontend frameworks.

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🗓 Don't miss JSNation on June 3-5

JSNation is going to be the main happening of the JS scene in 2020. Want to know the future of the JavaScript ecosystem and get connected to the stellar crowd? The conference unites library authors and core teams with engineers having a summer Amsterdam as a background.

See talks by tech core team members like Sarah Drasner (Vue), Orta Therox (TypeScript), Matteo Collina (Node.js), Mr. Doob (Three.js), Tobias Koppers (webpack):

🕐 Meetup Schedule

18:00 - Doors open - snacks, beer, socialization
19:00 - Introduction and announcements
19:10 - 🗣 "Introduction to Svelte" by Chris Noring
19:40 - 🗣 "Building your data layer with TS and GraphQL" by Roy Derks
20:10 - 🗣 "Comparing Front-End Framework Experiences" by John Papa
21:00 - After-party

## Comparing Front-End Framework Experiences
by John Papa

Which JavaScript framework should you choose? Which is fastest? Which has the best ecosystem? What are the component differences? You have a lot to consider when choosing to invest your time and energy in learning Vue, React and Angular. Let's discuss the differences and how to approach the technologies so you can decide which is best for you.

About John (

Google Developer Expert and Microsoft Regional Director specializing in Web technologies. You can often find him speaking and training at various events around the world in keynotes, workshops, and sessions for events such as Build, ngConf, AngleBrackets, TechEd/Ignite, and VSLive. You can also find him on the popular weekly podcast Adventures in Angular.

## Building your data layer with TS and GraphQL
by Roy Derks


About Roy (

Roy Derks is a serial startup CTO and conference speaker from Amsterdam. He also teaches React and GraphQL workshops, and works on open-source JavaScript projects for the City of Amsterdam.

## Introduction to Svelte
by Chris Noring


About Chris (

Senior Cloud Advocate currently working at Microsoft. Chris has a Google developer Expert title in Web technologies and Angular. He's based in London and organizes the London JavaScript Meetup.

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