• Monthly Meeting


  • Monthly Meeting


    Schedule: 19:00 - Doors open 19:30 - Talk 20:30 - Raffles, and announcements 20:45 - Social, drinks and food Talk: TBD Speaker: TBD

  • Monthly Meeting - February/2020

    Koninklijke Schiphol Group

    Schedule: 18:00 - Doors open 18:30 - Food 20:00 - Talk 20:45 - Raffles and announcements 21:00 - Social, drinks, and snacks Parking info: People coming by car can park at P22 and validate the parking ticket at the reception https://drive.google.com/file/d/1B2uIaGRGsrCXK-h0RQV2-6OXeh3bOxaK/view Talk: Hall of Mirrors Having done away with "eval()" and "register_globals" we now live in a brave new world of autoloading third-party dependencies, object reflection and comment @annotations. Do you really know what is executed when you run a bit of code and do you even want to? PHPUnit is designed to isolate pieces of code for testing. Together with a debugger, this makes for an excellent sandbox to explore this topic. Using the internals of the testing framework we take a look at how quickly complexity creeps in. Starting with a simple test we explore what happens when complexity is introduced: parameters, dependencies, process isolation and finally reordering of units of work. At every step the testing core has to do more work to hide what is really going on. The talk ends connecting the dots by looking at the architecture and implementation of the execution reordering features, introduction of a state-cache and footprint improvements of data-driven automated tests. Speaker: Ewout Pieter den Ouden On kitchen duty at PHPUnit. I like to create things that humans enjoy using. Sometimes the best way to do this is by writing code.

  • Monthly Meeting - January/2020

    Castor EDC

    Schedule: 18:30 - Doors open 19:00 - Food 20:00 - Talk 20:45 - Raffles and announcements 21:00 - Social, drinks, and dessert Talk: Phava How to build a code base that’s scalable, solid and flexible at the same time, harnessing the flexibility and accessibility of PHP, and the strictness of Java. Speaker: Thijs de Maa Thijs is currently a backend Engineer at bunq. Enthusiastic developer since 11. He can teach you some sailing tricks.

  • Monthly Meeting - December/2019


    Schedule: 19:00 - Doors open 19:30 - Talk 20:30 - Raffles, and announcements 20:45 - Social, drinks and food Talk: How to really work as a team - from sleepy to strong pair programming So many people think that pair programming is a boring waste of time and effort. I'm here to explain how our team made it work, and what benefits we got out of it! I love working in a team, bouncing ideas off each other and using our combined strengths to produce something that as individuals we wouldn't be able to come up with. One way I like to do this is pair programming. But, when I talk to people about this, I often get told it's a waste of time. That it’s about one person working hard whilst the other looks on, superfluous to the process. And let's face it, most of us have experienced this when trying it out! But I’m going to show you how we went from this sleepy type of pair programming to being super productive when working with multiple developers at one machine! Not the one person working, one person staring into space type of pair programming, but actually providing value to each other, making the extra effort worthwhile, and bringing extra benefits to the team as a whole. Speaker: Stacy Cashmore Stacy has been a software developer since the mid 1990s. Since being handed a sink or swim assignment managing a near shoring project in the early 2000s she has been an avid fan of agile ways of working (even before she had heard of the agile movement). Seeing no other option than close collaboration with the client and constantly looking for ways to improve the delivery of the project. The success of the project only cemented the idea that this was the way to work! For the last decade she has worked for Independer, the largest online financial advice website in the Netherlands, on the customer facing website, and interfaces with external financial institutions, whilst also helping with the ongoing agile adoption within the development environment. Outside of her tech work she loves music, reading, motorsport and cooking.

  • Monthly Meeting - November/2019


    Schedule: 18:30 - Opening doors. Welcome, food and drinks. 19:20 - Lightning talk: CDC Testing: A chitchat between the provider and consumer, Deniz Kilic 19:50 - Talk 20:30 - Social Talk: What's new in PHP 7.4 PHP 7.4 is going to be the biggest release since the PHP 7 family. Are you familiar with all the features we're going to have? No? Then this talk is for you. We're going to walk thought all the new features, with use cases and explanations about everything you need to know. Speaker: Gabriel Caruso In the past 3 years, I've been working with PHP. Since I discovery Open Source, my life has been all about contributing to it to make better and better each day, improving my career and my person. My goal is to prove that anyone can code, and everyone should code. Additional information: For security reasons, only guests who have RSVP'd and are registered on the guest list will be allowed entry into the building. Anyone not listed will unfortunately not be able to enter the building or attend the meetup. Photography/Video Consent. MessageBird staff will be taking photos and videos during the event and will use these photos and videos for social media, and promotional materials. By coming to the meetup, you give MessageBird your consent to take photos and videos of you.

  • Monthly Meeting - October/2019

    Usabilla HQ

    Schedule: 19:00 - Doors open 19:30 - Talk 20:30 - Raffles, and announcements 20:45 - Social, drinks and food Talk: My role as a developer There is a lot of principles, patterns, and methodologies for software development. We learn them, go to conferences, read books, and have all the awesome ideas for improvements. However, many times, none of that reflects on our daily lives. How is this possible, and what is missing there? This talk will try to answer that question by showing the role of the developer from the perspective of the speaker and prove that you can do more than you can think. Speaker: Henrique Moody Software developer with a focus on PHP, Agilist, Open Source contributor, Core developer of the Respect PHP components, and occasional speaker. Originally from Brazil. Based in the Netherlands since 2016. Senior software developer at Werkspot.

  • Monthly Meeting - September/2019


    Schedule: 19:00 - Doors open 19:30 - Talk 20:30 - Raffles, and announcements 20:45 - Social, drinks and food Talk: Bolt 4 - A modern CMS for the Future Bolt is a CMS that strives to make managing your content as pleasant and straightforward as possible. Bolt aims to do this for editors, implementors and developers alike. The upcoming version 4 is built on Symfony 4, API platform and Doctrine, so it will have modern features to build both decoupled and “traditional” sites. In this talk, Bob will focus mostly on the developers who need a better solution to deliver a CMS to their clients. After a brief introduction on the history of Bolt (mainly the move from Silex to Symfony 4), Bob will show you how to get up and running with Bolt, and showcase some of the features to help you efficiently build websites and how to configure, extend and adapt the system using the Symfony skills you already have. Speaker: Bob den Otter Bob den Otter is the founder of web development agency Two Kings, in the Hague. At Two Kings, Bob and his colleagues develop websites and web applications using a number of different tools. One of these tools is Bolt, of which Bob is the lead developer. In his spare time, Bob likes reading books, playing games and going to festivals.

  • Monthly Meeting - August/2019

    Scribbr - Scriptie nakijken

    Fishbowl discussion (more info: https://t.co/SOTj3eXjRl). The main idea here is to offer a chance for everybody to ask questions and share knowledge. This month's topic will be: Microservices vs. monoliths Schedule: 19:00 - Doors open 19:30 - Introduction to Fishbowl & questions gathering 19:40 - Fishbowl 20:30 - Raffles, and announcements 20:45 - Social, drinks and food