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My name is Torrie, and I created “The Urban Permie Project” while I was brainstorming ways to bring more Permaculture information to the masses :) for my Permaculture Design Course “talent show” during my PDC in 2013.

It has turned out to be more of an educational platform to share resources I have obtained through my studies and involvement in Permaculture activities here in PHX, AZ- though it was originally envisioned as the beginning of a PERMA-blitz here in PHX.
(Where we all help each other install projects on our sites.)

Read more about the process here: http://www.theurbanpermie.com/beginnings/ (http://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.theurbanpermie.com%2Fbeginnings%2F&h=ZAQH-Xc1p&s=1)

The Urban Permie Mission is to spread awareness of Permaculture and regenerative systems~ within all ZONES!

Permaculture is a system for designing sustainable human developments. It is about relationships and how all things relate - which means it encompasses almost everything ;) including human relationships.

It is definitely not just gardening.

Visit www.theurbanpermie.com for local info and resources on permaculture.

I have created this page due to the high volume of requests in my life and awakened path - for people taking action in the community to help gain understanding and awareness for the Permaculture lifestyle- and helping others arrive at solutions for their situations.....

Join us in this meet up :)

Some sessions are free, and others will be fee-based.

I invite you to walk this awakened path for information surrounding sustainable practices including but not limited to:

~A System Based Approach
~ Regenerating not just sustaining....
~Recognizing the interconnectedness of relationships~
~Viewing a garden/land as a living organism INSTEAD of just an income/profit source - relating all functions in that space.
~Natural Building (Cobb, Adobe, etc.)
~Water Harvesting,
~Community/Co-Op approach -(Your neighbor buys the snow blower, you buy the mower - exchange.)
~Sustainable food systems,
~Many different gardening techniques and growing methods, etc.

(In other words: Growing Food, Herbs, Medicine, Rain Water Harvesting, Growing Methods and Techniques, Soil Building, Composting, Garden Consults, Regenerative System/Design/etc.)

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Help assemble a mobile solar system
Needs a date and time

Needs a location

Urban Permie member Mark Kissinger will be assembling his mobile solar system this week (11/7/15). Anyone wishing to observe/help is welcome to stop by. Please contact Mark through this meetup group.

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work with andrew at the community garden

scottsdale church of the nazarene

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