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Lets "get it out". Should the world be changed? What are your thoughts on the current political climate? All views, opinions and levels of understanding will be accepted and appreciated in this open forum to discuss feelings, fears, hopes, dreams and ideas.

This is a group for people who want to make meaningful positive change to the world, who want to channel their frustrations with the status quo into positive action. Action begins with dialogue, a dialogue that extends beyond our echo chambers of social media. We're starting with the implications that the US presidential elections and Brexit have on the world - and on our own individual lives. Everyone is always welcome, whether you were for Trump or Hilary, pro leave or remain. We want to explore how each and every one of us has the capacity to impact change for a better future.

We hope to have more conversations on the topic of politics, the spread of information and on how to create a better quality of life. We hope others can continue to lead similar conversations in different cities, in different countries.

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