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I am continuing to explore the experience of being an analyst, looking to put together an anthology of data analysis. We want to identify what if feels like to be a data analyst and what helps us flourish and help us generate great insights and facilitate effective decision making.

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Calling all analytical addicts, those of us who are intoxicated by the particular experience of adventure and discovery using novel datasets to help solve intractible problems.

I don't believe I am the only analyst around who frankly doesn't care about any of the 3, 4 or 5 v's, velocity, volume or veracity are not the priority. Rather it is the challenge, exploration, discovery and resolution of problems that provides the impetus.

We are analysts for whom the simpler the solution the better. Those who seek to simplify, but no further than justifiable. Who don't hid behind complication, who would rather be approximately right than accurately wrong. Who see particular software solutions or methods as part of a tool-set rather than badges of honour. For whom the priority is focusing on solving the problems to hand, within the constraints that apply with creativity and innovation.

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